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Do I Need a Wedding Planner?

Take the quiz, or read on to find out if a planner or coordinator is right for you - and what a planner will do for you. And yes, some of the answers might surprise you!

Outdoor countryside wedding in Oxfordshire

Why Do I Need a Wedding Planner?

To Save You Time

First and foremost: To save you TIME. Vast amounts of time in fact. There may be several reasons why time is in short supply: Your job, other commitments, a short lead-time to your ideal wedding date or living in another country. The juggle is real.

Taking Care of Organisation

Secondly, it will save you a huge deal of energy - the headspace required is something else - and also a surprising amount of travelling. Your planner will stay on top of the organisation, making sure that all pieces of the puzzle are taken care of, so you can focus on main decision-making, rather than the minutiae of organising people and items.

Making It Stylish & Cohesive

And finally, your planner's experience will mean that your wedding day will come together in the stylish, cohesive and beautifully organised way you want, to give both you and your guests the once-in-a-lifetime experience you deserve.

White and yellow spring flowers at a wedding planned by Karin Tindall Weddings

What Are A UK Wedding Planner's Duties?

While this will differ slightly between planners, the below list is common for all UK Wedding Planners to include in their services:

  • Understanding your priorities, style and look

  • Delivering a comprehensive brief (and mood board)

  • Budget management

  • Venue sourcing (or marquee or tipi companies for at-home weddings)

  • Shortlisting the best possible vendors

  • Guest management

    • Setting up your wedding website

    • Sending invitations

    • Tracking RSVPs

  • Communicating with all vendors/suppliers at all times

  • Overseeing all logistics

  • Creating detailed timelines

  • Being there in the lead-up to the day to do all set-up

  • Being there on the day to execute all plans

What is the Difference Between a Wedding Planner and Coordinator?

Your wedding planner is with you from the start and will be integral to the planning process – including sourcing venue/marquee and suppliers.

A coordinator enters the picture later, when most planning has been done, to essentially pull all the logistics together in a neat and comprehensive way and to execute the plans on the day itself.

Yellow, green and white bouquet from at-home wedding

How Much Does a Wedding Planner Cost UK?

Usually, around 10% of your wedding spend. So, if your wedding budget is £60’000, estimate £6'000 for your planner. (Please note that most planners have a ‘minimum spend’ in place.)

This will give you full access to their time and expertise for the entire length of the wedding planning process.

Will a Wedding Planner Save Me Money?

Your wedding planner won’t save you money per se, but they will certainly ensure you avoid costly mistakes. And by costly, I mean both monetary cost and things that can end up being costly to the overall wedding experience (all avoided by using the planner’s well-researched suppliers and vast knowledge in delivering flawless events!).

And back to the original reason: They will save you time. So much time. And if you've got a high-pressure job you will know that saving you time often means saving you money.

Couple sitting down on elegant sofa during an outdoor Oxfordshire wedding planned by Karin Tindall Weddings

Do I Need a Wedding Coordinator?

This is a wholehearted YES, you NEED a wedding coordinator if:

  • you've got a marquee wedding

  • a tipi wedding

  • or a DIY venue

...and you have not already booked a wedding planner (as they include the coordinator's duties within their services).

A coordinator will allow you to hand over all the plans, so you can relax and enjoy the day! You truly deserve that!

Do I Need a Wedding Coordinator if My Venue Has A Coordinator?

Ah, a much-debated question. And although this is an unpopular opinion among my fellow wedding planners, I would suggest that it depends very much on your venue’s coordinator. If you meet them and instantly feel well looked after and they’re experienced and knowledgeable, then you won’t need an independent wedding coordinator.


But it’s worth knowing that there is a high turnover in this role, so there’s a distinct possibility that your venue coordinator changes between booking and the wedding day itself. If change like this unsettles you, then you should definitely hire your own wedding coordinator that’s dedicated to you.

What Are a Wedding Coordinator's Duties?

Your UK wedding coordinator will do the following for you:

  • Take time to understand your plans, and all details involved

  • Assist you with creating a timeline that flows

  • Liaising with all of your booked suppliers

  • Overseeing all set-up and décor on the day

  • Ensuring details and logistics are executed as planned on the day

  • Looking after you on the day and assisting your guests

  • Dealing with any snags or potential issues that appear on the day

How Much Does a UK Wedding Coordinator Cost?

Between £500 and £2500, depending on who you choose, how big the coordinator team is and how many hours are covered on the wedding day itself.

I charge £950, however I offer this service solo (but stay throughout the entire wedding, from early morning until the end of the night).

There are great many variations on hours, number of people and cost, so do your research and compare and check exactly what's included in this service!

Outdoor wedding bar with margaritas

Can I Plan My Own Wedding?

Of course you can! And for those who relish the idea: get stuck in! (But please consider booking a coordinator so you can enjoy the day fully – you deserve it!).

However, if time is in short supply, then a wedding planner is an excellent investment, as you are still very much in charge – it’s YOUR day - but your planner is there to ensure everything is taken care of, organised and perfected for you.


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