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Does a fabulous countryside wedding, with exceptional attention to detail and a warm yet passionate approach, sound like you? Then please do get in touch! I would love to hear more about you and your plans.

While I'm local to Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire, the wedding planning doesn't stop there - your wedding location is more important than mine.

Please fill out the form below and we'll arrange a time to talk more. That can be over the phone, but honestly, I do love meeting up in person, so if fancy a coffee and wedding chat (two of my favourite things) please fill out the form below! 

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Bride in red dress with groom at a wedding at home, planned by Karin Tindall Weddings

Why do I need a Wedding Planner?

My answer in the shortest way possible: You need a wedding planner if you want to save time and effort while planning. In addition, your planner will ensure that all logistics are taken care of, and common pitfalls are avoided, for a truly smooth, enjoyable and stress-free experience.  

What are a Wedding Planner's Duties?

  • Understanding your priorities and vision

  • Budget management

  • Venue sourcing (or marquee/tipi if at home)

  • Shortlisting best possible vendors

  • Guest management

  • Communicating with all vendors & suppliers

  • Overseeing all logistics

  • Executing all plans

Do I Need a Wedding Coordinator?

Yes, you need a wedding coordinator if you’ve got a marquee wedding, a tipi wedding or a DIY venue, and you have not already booked a wedding planner. This will allow you to hand over all the plans to your coordinator, so you can relax and enjoy the day - you deserve that!

Do I Need a Wedding Coordinator if My Venue has A Coordinator? 

Ah, a much-debated question. And although this is an unpopular opinion among my fellow wedding planners, I would suggest that it depends very much on your venue’s coordinator. If you meet them and instantly feel well looked after and they’re experienced and knowledgeable, then you won’t need an independent wedding coordinator. 

What is the Main Difference Between a Planner and Day-Of Coordinator?

Your wedding planner is with you from the start and will be integral to the planning process – including sourcing venue and suppliers – while a coordinator enters the picture later, when most planning has been done, to essentially pull all the logistics together in a neat and comprehensive way and to execute the plans on the day itself. 

How Much Does a Wedding Coordinator Cost?

Between £900 and £2500, depending on who you choose and how big the coordinator team is. (I charge £950, and I offer this service solo). 

How Much Does a Wedding Planner Cost?

Usually, around 10% of your wedding spend. So, if your wedding budget is £40’000, estimate £4000 for your planner. Please note that most planners have a ‘minimum spend’ in place. (As it happens, mine is £4k for full planning.)

Will a Wedding Planner Save Me Money?

Your wedding planner won’t save you money per se, but they will certainly ensure you avoid costly mistakes. And by costly, I mean both monetary cost and things that can end up being costly to the overall wedding experience (all avoided by using the planner’s well-researched suppliers and vast knowledge in delivering flawless events)!

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