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Bright & Colourful Weddings: Stylish and Fun!

Last year – that would be 2023! – was the year of the colour explosion for Karin Tindall Weddings! So many of my gorgeous couples chose a multicolour, bright and bold colour palette to be the backdrop of their super fun and deliriously joyous occasions. Let me share the insider tips, so you can have a stylish wedding too, while incorporating an explosion of colour in your wedding day.

Making it Bright

First of all, start with picking out one or two “base” colours. Sophia & Will chose pink and purple; Sofi & Scott chose yellow and russet; and Marina & Will chose red and orange. Have a look at the colour palettes below so you can see the differences clearly:

The main colours were cleverly highlighted in the bridal party dresses, jumpsuits and suits; and the theme was beautifully picked up in the flowers and table details.

Sophia & Will I Photographer: The Alt Wedding Co I Florist: Foxgloves & Roses I Lights & Lanterns: That Event Company

Thus, so far, just like a normal wedding, right? Now let’s focus on the nuances that makes it work so well!

Making it Beautiful

Next, I would like to reveal the common thread between all of these colourful weddings. To start off with, you’ll see that the multitude of colours are picked up in natural materials only, such as flowers, paper, linen and wood. There isn’t a single piece of bright-coloured plastic or polyester about, and this, I find, is key in keeping it looking stylish.

bride in multicoloured dress and bouquet with colourful ribbons

Sofi & Scott I Dress: Lucy Can't Dance I Florist: Wild Rose Florist I Photographer: Mt Studio Weddings

Secondly, you’ll see that there are a range of hues between the colours. Utilising the full spectrum, these clever florists – and couples - have used a multitude of nuances within the chosen colour palette, while sticking true to those core colours in the largest flowers – like the football-sized peonies for Sofi & Scott’s June wedding, and the giant dhalias for Marina & Will’s September wedding. And most importantly, broken up the colours with plenty of foliage to complement the colours, and to also bring in texture. And texture is what I would like to talk about next!

Making it Stylish

Finally, I would like to mention texture. Marina, in particular, nailed this tip. She did it in two ways:

1.     She chose a coloured table cloth, but a thick, linen, textured cloth** – which gave the table depth and feel.

2.     She chose earthy materials to complement her bright colours: wooden cross-back chairs, rattan placemats, darker coloured glassware and plenty of foliage to balance out the brights.  

 Marina & Will I Photographer: Emily & Steve Photography I Florist: Mother of the Bride I Marquee: Intents Marquees

Allow me to wrap these tips up for you in my final paragraph.

Tips for a Bright and Beautiful Bash

In conclusion, here are my dos and don’ts for planning a multicolour, bright and beautiful, stylish and fun wedding:


❤️ Find your bright and beautiful base colours

🧡 Pick up the base colours in your bridal party outfits

💛 Use your bright colours in natural materials: Real flowers, wax candles, thick paper, linen or cheesecloth

❤️ Use lots of nuances between your base colours, particularly in your flowers

🧡 Complement your bright colours and bring in texture by using earthy materials such as wood, rattan, glass and foliage

DON’T (just a couple)

❌ Try to avoid plastic and polyester if at all possible

❌ Try to avoid sticking to just one or two bright block colours - mix it up for best effect!

So tell me, who is having a bright and colourful wedding this year?

** Marina used Northfields Linen's 'Natural Collection' in the colour 'Natural Fire'.


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